Hjalmar Permentier

Hjalmar Permentier, head of IMSC (RuG)
Room 3226.0609; tel +31-50-3633262; h.p.permentier at rug.nl

Walid Maho, technician IMSC (RUG)
Room 3226.0613; tel +31-50-3633170; w.maho at rug.nl

Marcel de Vries, technician IMSC (UMCG)
Room 3226.0602; tel +31-50-3634598; marcel.de.vries at umcg.nl

Karin Wolters, principal investigator (UMCG)
Room 3226.0613; tel +31-50-3637956; justina.c.wolters at rug.nl

Jos Hermans, technician Analytical Biochemistry (RuG)
Room 3226.0602; tel +31-50-3633347; j.h.hermans at rug.nl

Natalia Govorukhina, technician Analytical Biochemistry (RuG)
Room 3226.0602; tel +31-50-3638505; n.govorukhina at rug.nl

Rainer Bischoff, scientific head of IMSC, and dept. of Analytical Biochemistry (RuG)
Room 3226.0601; tel +31-50-3633338; r.p.h.bischoff at rug.nl

Peter Horvatovich, head of dept. of Computational Mass Spectrometry (RuG)
Room 3226.0609; tel +31-50-3633341; p.l.horvatovich at rug.nl

General IMSC phone number: +31-630221346

The core IMSC staff members are Hjalmar Permentier, head of the IMSC, and the technician Walid Maho. The head of the scientific board of the IMSC is Prof. Rainer Bischoff (Analytical Biochemistry). Marcel de Vries is seconded to the IMSC as an MS technician from Paediatrics, UMCG. Karin Wolters coordinates proteomics services for UMCG researchers. MS technician Jos Hermans of Analytical Biochemistry is responsible for several LC-MS instruments which are used both for AB projects and within the IMSC. Further technical support is provided by technician Natalia Govorukhina of Analytical Biochemistry, in particular for sample preparation related to proteomics. Data analysis and bioinformatics support is also provided as part of the IMSC, with support of Prof. Peter Horvatovich (Computational Mass Spectrometry).


ERIBA building, 6th floor, internal post code XB23
University of Groningen
A Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands


The main entrance of the ERIBA building is opened from 8:30 until 16:30 on working days. The entrance on the sixth floor between ERIBA and building 3211 is open until 18:00 on working days. Outside of these hours entry is also possible with a UMCG pass.

See also the web site of the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing

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