Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility supports other research groups in their efforts to characterise or quantify molecules of chemical, biological and pharmaceutical interest. The available equipment includes a range of mass spectrometers and various separation systems, including HPLC and CE.

An overview of our current services and projects can be found in the most recent (Annual report).

To widen the scope of mass spectrometric support, research is carried out into new techniques, which can be transformed into tools for analytical mass spectrometry (Publications).

The facilities are available to all research groups of the University of Groningen at a nominal fee to cover the running costs of the equipment. Commercial customers are also welcome, but will be charged a fee that includes personnel, depreciation of equipment, and overhead. The fees are based on the time spent on the instruments and the instrument type.

The current academic fees are listed below.

MALDI-TOF€ 30 / houropen access (book instrument)
LC-MS€ 30 / hour

Commercial fees are available upon request.

More information on sample submission.

For more information see the current Annual report or contact us:


  • Hjalmar Permentier (h.p.permentier@rug.nl, +31-50-3633262)


  • Annie van Dam (a.van.dam@rug.nl, +31-50-3638081)
  • Margot Jeronimus (c.m.jeronimus-stratingh@rug.nl, +31-50-3638081)

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